We Bare Bears

The Bears are a supportive group of three bears of isolated species and are the essence of the Cartoon Network unique arrangement We Bare Bears. The family incorporates the three primary characters: Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear, each having their own identities, interests, and abilities. They’ve been as one as far back as they were youthful whelps, as first uncovered, informally, in the web comic The Three Bare Bears and the Pilot, and formally in the scene “Burrito”.

When going as a stack, they more often than not frame with Grizzly to finish everything, Panda in the center, and Ice Bear on the base, as per their age.


Despite the fact that it is obscure how they met, it is realized that they have been as one since early adolescence. The main known data about the bears previously they met is that Grizzly was conceived in a woodland in the U.S and was found roosted on a tree by stop officers while in trouble. He was a while later embraced by a TV Network to star in Family Troubles, a Canadian Sitcom; Panda was initially from China and brought up in imprisonment until the point when he got away from the office; and Ice Bear originated from the Russian Arctic and was raised by Yuri until the point that he was compelled to abandon him on a drifting ice shelf subsequent to being pursued off by seekers.

As far back as they met, they have been staying together in the inquiry of another home. For some time, their house was a container on a street with “Free Bears” composed as an afterthought. In “The Road”, their connection to boxes appear to be somewhat solid and, in the wake of losing theirs, they endeavor to discover another container to supplant it. In spite of the fact that they once in a while discover spots to remain that aren’t boxes, they don’t appear to travel exceptionally far without one.

The three in the long run ended up lost adrift with no nourishment trying to achieve Japan. In the end, a vast wave collides with them and washes them up into the shore of an island where they meet two castaways. They present themselves as Dave and Karla separately. The Bears find they’ve been attempting to escape for some time however with no achievement.

The next night, the three fledglings disclosed to their new companions how they got stranded on the island in any case. In the end, Dave takes off to bed and Karla inquires as to whether they’re prepared to rest. They figure out how to persuade her to sing them a children’s song before they can rest. She sings them a melody she had sung with her sister all when they were youngsters. This prompts the Bears nodding off and Karla making a beeline for bed herself.

Toward the beginning of the day, Ice Bear makes a beeline for discover Dave endeavoring to select from a palm tree yet coming up short. He chooses to give it a go and moves up the tree, getting coconuts and tossing them down as once huge mob to Dave. His siblings wake up not long after, pondering where their more youthful sibling was, however not very worried of his whereabouts and eat with Karla. Before they can make a move, Ice Bear canal boats into the shack with Dave close by. Being not able talk, he experiences difficulty clarifying what he’d quite recently observed from when he was in the tree. Motioning for everybody to tail him, he drives them to a separated helicopter. After some investigation, both any crisis supplies and a practical motor were missing, driving Karla to become discouraged.

To brighten her up, the Bears choose to gather natural products from around the wild for her and convey it to her. During the time spent this, Ice Bear inadvertently drops a coconut, making it roll away. Pursuing it, he discovers it currently sitting by an extensive container. His siblings make a beeline for him to discover the box too. Inquisitive, they investigate the carton and discover it’s a group of provisions. They open and filter through the provisions and find an inflatable pontoon. Eager to tell Karla, they begin to make there way out when Dave shows up.

The Bears disclose to him how they found the box and how it would enable them to get off the island. Dave becomes enraged at this and takes the box. Confounded, the three endeavor to recover it as Dave attempts to divert it from an edge. This prompts him swinging both the Bears and the carton over the edge into a pool of a sand trap. Admitting his affection for Karla to them, his additionally admits his arrangement of keeping her on the island so she’d go gaga for him before leaving the Bears to bite the dust.

Not willing to give him a chance to escape with it, the three endeavor to escape yet without much of any result. In spite of this, Grizzly rapidly incubates an arrangement and plunges under to snatch the inflatable pontoon. He figures out how to discover its draw string and force it up, making it swell and drive the substantiates to wellbeing. They at that point advance toward Karla whom they find nearby Dave who is beginning to act rather unpleasant. Cautioning her about him and uncovering his arrangement to her, the four begin fleeing from Dave to the shore. He gives pursue and they all end up at the shoreline where they locate another inflatable pontoon.

Before they’re ready to board it, Dave figures out how to catch Ice Bear’s paw and endeavors to drag him back to make Karla remain with him. Unfit to break free, the youthful bear gets a star-fish and tosses it at his face, making him discharge his grasp on Ice Bear and enabling them to cruise off to security.

Evening time before long emerges. The Bears had nodded off, trailed by Karla. A ship finds the pontoon and pulls Karla up, apparently not seeing the Bears additionally on board the pontoon. They in the end get themselves afloat as they sleep, just to wake up at a young hour early in the day and discover Karla is missing. Be that as it may, they had likewise achieved their unique goal: Japan.


Indeed, even as grown-ups, the Bears got themselves destitute and lashed for money. Despite the fact that they had made numerous endeavors in finding the ideal home for themselves subsequent to settling in San Francisco, Bay Area, none of them appeared to succeed. They in the long run purchase a home-made dream-catcher from a remain in the city and utilize it to attempt and conjure up their ideal home.

Before long, a raccoon shows up and catches their fantasy catcher, running off with it. The Bears give pursue in a urgent endeavor to recover it. Be that as it may, the raccoon surpasses them.

With it being chilly, sprinkling, and late, the Bears look for impermanent safe house for the night. They before long run over an unfilled buckle. In spite of the fact that they’re not very attached to it, it’s the nearest thing to shield they’d have the capacity to get. They at that point rest up for the night.

The next morning, they wake up to end up in what is by all accounts an altogether better place. Despite the fact that still in a similar surrender, with the warm gleams of the daylight as is looks from behind the skyline, the buckle twinkles with absolute excellence.

The three continue to begin making their very own home; making gaps for windows and making an entryway; the fundamental necessities. In the wake of making their new always home, the three head outside and utilize Panda’s old telephone to snap a picture of themselves before their new buckle. The Bears have been living in this give in for more than 5 years. (NINE YEARS AGO)

The Bears

Grizzly: Being a wild bear, he knows about the backwoods territory the Bears live in. He is the pioneer of the three and is viewed all things considered. He attempts his best to make the right decision for both the advantage of him and his family, however he can here and there escape. Growing up without gatekeepers, much like his siblings, he grew up endeavoring to be a model older sibling however his untrustworthy and infantile conduct regularly thwarts him from working admirably at it.

Panda: Panda appears to have more learning in things with respect to innovation and things from the Eastern world. He’s the center sibling and, as expressed by Grizzly, is “the connection that holds them all together”. He is by all accounts the most fragile of the trio, being both very on edge and, as Grizzly additionally portrayed, “charming”. All things being equal, he cares about his siblings and will attempt to contribute at whatever point he can.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is the most youthful of the trio however is without a doubt the most grounded of them. He could safeguard his more seasoned siblings from unavoidable demise without an excessive amount of problem and rushes to bounce vigorously on the off chance that he finds a danger emerging. He thinks about both of his siblings beyond a reasonable doubt. Being the most develop and mindful of them, he will in general do the greater part of the errands of the give in. In spite of his readiness to contribute where the others don’t, regardless he takes days off to unwind and loosen up. Not exclusively is he a brilliant and solid bear, he’s fundamental to the Bears’ fraternity.


Together, the three siblings each can shape a stack, the request going from oldest to most youthful, start to finish. This stack is their mark present and their most incessant type of movement. It can likewise now and then be utilized for additional rise if necessary.

Incidental data

In the pilot, Ice Bear alludes to being on the base of the Bear Stack as “driving”.

The Bears are not natural siblings because of them being distinctive species, anyway regardless they see and allude to one another as brothers.[1]

The Bears have been living in their give in for more than five years and discovered it when they’re essentially adults.[2]

The three have been appeared to drink espresso each morning. An announcement Grizzly made infers they generally make and have espresso together.

Grizzly has a “#1 Big Brother” espresso cup.

Because of their species, the Bears are often contrasted with the bears Grizzly, Panda, and Polar Bear from the anime Shirokuma Café. Daniel Chong expressed that he didn’t know about this anime until some other time, and that these likenesses were only a coincidence.[3]

In “Chloe” its indicated how the Bears appear to have a type of ability in making introductions by means of the PowerPoint-like program Chloe Park employments.

The somewhat appalling spelling may imply that it was Grizzly who composed the introduction as Grizzly is appeared, all through the arrangement, to battle with penmanship and spelling.

The main scene where none of the Bears are seen together is “Yuri and the Bear”.

The primary scene where none of the Bears show up is “Kyle”. This happens again in “El Oso”.

The Bears are the main characters found in the signature tune when they first begin tumbling from the sky and onto the street of San Francisco then they star

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