Red Kit

Comic drawn by Belgian cartoonist Morris (1923-2001). The original name çizil Lucky Luke d (Some of the adventures were written by Frenchman Rení © Goscinny (1926-1977). After the death of Morris, some adventures were drawn by French Achdí ©.

The lonely cowboy etsiz Red Kit ansız who pulls a fast gun from his shadow is the relentless enemy of criminals and injustice together with his loyal white horse R Jolly Jumper köp and his lovely dog ​​(Rin Tin Tin Göl. “ Dalton brothers “ representing the criminals; “ Joe, William, Jack and Averel` are involved in many adventures. Other unforgettable characters are “ Kalamiti Jane, Billy Kid, Judge Roy Bean, Jesse James, Vulture`, Mailman driver Hank and “ Funeral dealer.

Red Kit has been filmed many times in the world as an animation and television series. He quit smoking in 1983 and started to have a piece of hay in his mouth. For the first time in Turkey it was transferred to the cinema. Öztürk Serengil starring in the film in 1967 starring Ozturk Serengil dreams of a dream in the Red Kit sanar and adventure adventure in the wild west runs. In 1971, İzzet Günay became the Red Kit and struggled with the Daltons. In 1974, the last Red Kit Aram Gülyüz`s administration Sadri Alışık`tır.vo <br />

In the Red Kit cartoons and novels, characters from the second planes are other races. For example; As a chinese resident, an african in cleaning…

Red Kit quit smoking in 1988

Daltonlardan about the role of talking about the role of not to give some details to know about his friends … Red Kit, his horse Düldül and his dog, Rin Tin Tin and his ducks chasing fast chasing adventures all over the world 30 languages, has been translated into 30 languages, nearly 40 film was translated .

Red Kit and Daltons were so loved that Morris didn’t make a bad example of the children, so she smoked her last cigarette in 1988 and put a piece of grass on her lip instead of making a bad example for the kids. The World Health Organization awarded him a medal.

Who’s Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper and Rantanplan?

At the end of each adventure, the blacksmith riding his horse towards the setting sun in the Wild West, we are familiar with the Red Kit. But for the rest of the world, it was Lucky Luke.

Lucky Luke’s friends who didn’t drop the song ayd I’m a lonely cowboy ’from his tongue were actually different. Loyal and lovable dogs of white horse Jolly Jumper Rantanplan, from the 1950s through the Individual Sayışman Turkish readers to buluşurken Jolly and Rin Tin Tin happened.

The name is an eclectic hero: Red Kit

Çıkıy The adventures of Lucky Luke were then published in the French magazine Spirou. When we decided to publish here, let’s name the Turkish, we began to think. A friend had a magazine called Red Rider. I was making a copy of another magazine called Bil Kit. The Red part is from Red Rider and the Kit is from Bil Kit, it’s Red Kit. ’

Black-and-white and copy Red Kit

Red Kite, the humor magazine Turhan Selcuk in Turkey for the first time in 1956, has appeared in minibuses. In a short period of time, Kalamiti Jane, Billy Kid, Judge Roy Bean, Jesse James, Vulture, and Postman car driver Hank and funeral turned into a phenomenon with characters such as.

The original Lucky Luke was originally copied and black-and-white. In 1962, it would be the first time in the weekly Dost magazine published by Karaca Publishing. Protection Status

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