As indicated by the animation, Cedric is a 8-year-old light kid. She experiences passionate feelings for her cohort, Chen, who is of Chinese source in her school. He and Christian have made a decent fellowship. His dad is a negotiator in his class, and Nicolas is his main adversary. Cedric, who moves his dad Eastern floor coverings, does not get along exceptionally well with his family. Her mom, Maryrose, is exceptionally strict. His dad Robert is normally extremely worn out and depleted. Cedric’s granddad, Paul, is around eighty years of age, however he is the person who best comprehends his grandson, Cedric. This animation is a parody animation about the straightforward dreams of a young man who has issues in school. During the evening the kid’s hair in the twilight and the entire condition winds up blue. At midnight, he shares everything with the journal. At the point when the mother’s mom, Marta, kicked the bucket before Cedric was conceived, his granddad Paul dependably makes reference to him, and when Cedric is extremely irate he has dependably close to him.


Guardians need to realize that Cedric is told from the perspective of a 8-year-old kid adapting to the misfortunes of growing up, and the tales’ tone coordinates the character’s exceptionally unpredictable nature. Pretty much everything maddens him here and there – from homework assignments to the way that his attractive instructor doesn’t restore his affections – and he takes out his disappointments by harassing his companions and contending with his folks. He’s additionally quite free with some peripheral dialect, calling kids “dolt” and “numbskull,” and instructing them to “quiets down” and that he despises them. The way that none of his offensive conduct warrants practical results will bother guardians, and the regular friction in his home barely gives a positive impression of family life. The main concern? The show has a hilarious interpretation of the high points and low points of being a child, however just when it’s seen through a perspective of development that this age bunch normally doesn’t have yet.


Cedric: The main character of the array. He’s blond, annoyed, he’s in love with Chen.
Chen: Chinese. Cedric is madly in love with her.
Mary Rose: Cedric’s mother. It’s blunt, very normative.
Robert: Cedric’s father. Black-haired. He usually doesn’t agree with his father-in-law. Cedric’s report card goes crazy on him.
Paul: Cedric’s grandfather. He is the one who understands Cedric the best.
Christian: Cedric’s best friend. He wears glasses. She gives Cedric bright ideas for Chen, but eventually disrupts everything. He’s a TV addict.
Nicolas: Cedric’s number one enemy. His father is a diplomat and very rich.
Caprice: She is a black girl who is Christian and she is addicted to sports.
Marvin: He gives Cedric ideas from programs he sees on television. And the end of his ideas is a flip.
Miss Nelly: Cedric’s class teacher.
Kaligula: Cedric’s naughty dog ​​next door. He harasses Cedric.
Mr Oliver: He’s a physical teacher at Cedric’s school.
Mr.Gerrard: He’s a guidance teacher at Cedric’s school.

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